rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Anybody heard of mindViz?. At least one LJ user at a photo community is using their image hosting service, and hot-linking the pictures to LJ. They provide a goatload of free services, and the operation has been live for about two years. It's run by a guy named Morgan Demers. They already have over 350,000 users. That's about all I can find out about it from Googling. It doesn't appear to be owned by any big corporation, but I can't find any indication that it's powered by open source software, either. It looks too elaborate to be a one-man sandboxm though. Many features of the site are closed to non-members, and you can't get a lot of details about the place. I can't even find out if they have premium memberships. I wonder who is bankrolling the place? Strange.

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