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Hove Ages Up [Jul. 24th, 2005|06:02 am]
A plethora of posts on the subject inform me that everyone in North America is enduring outrageous heat, so there's no need for me to feel singled out for abuse, and no point in any further bitching (though I'm certainly not averse to being pointless, when it suits me.) In fact, right now I'm feeling somewhat fortunate that, while other places are subjected to both days and nights of sweltering, I am blessed with cool night breezes which set the pines quivering and make them shimmer with moonlight. For this I can thank the mountains, I believe. Thanks, mountains!

Sunday Verse

The Waterfall On Lu Mountain

by Li Po

When, west, I climbed Incense Brazier Peak,
I southward saw curtained cataracts
Suspend their stream some three thousand feet
Then roar through dales several miles away;
Sudden as if flying lightning came
But mystic, too, as white rainbows rose:
At first I feared that Milky Way had dropped
And sprinkled stars, falling through the clouds!

As I looked up they increased in force,
So mighty was the Creator's work:
An ocean wind blew there without cease,
The river moon gave skies back their light,
The skies in which random torrents rushed;
To left and right the green walls were washed
By flying pearls scattering light mist
And streaming foam boiling round great rocks!

Let me travel to those Glorious Peaks
Where I may feel peace grow in my heart:
I'll have no need more for magic draughts
For I may there wash the dust from my face
And enjoy there lodging that I love,
Ever parted from the world of men!

-translated by Arthur Cooper