rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I was wakened by an alarm fly today. It's unlikely to happen again, as I believe that I killed it. It was buzzing around my head and landed on me a few times. I swatted at it, and finally hit it. It made that angry buzzing noise a fly makes when it actually gets smacked, but not killed outright. I haven't heard it since, so I'm pretty sure it crawled away somewhere and died. I can't find the corpse. The fly was in the room yesterday afternoon, and I tried several times to get it out, opening the window screen whenever it lit there, but the fly was too stupid to take advantage of the opportunities for escape, and always flew back into the room. I tried swatting it a few times, too, but it was too quick. When I finally succeeded in smacking it while I was still half asleep and had my eyes closed, I was so astonished that I immediately became wide awake.

I preferred waking up when I had an alarm cat. A purr is a much better way to be awakened than is the buzzing of a fly. Unfortunately, the last cat doesn't like to sleep on my bed, so I no longer have an alarm cat. I'll be pleased if I no longer have an alarm fly.

Too hot again today. In lieu of an actual post, ere are a couple of amusing links:

The planes, the planes! They're trying to poison us! (Somebody will make a conspiracy theory for absolutely anything!)

The Gallery of "Misused" Quotation Marks. I don't think they're being "too" sarcastic.

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