rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wandering Words

I had one of those odd Internet experiences tonight. A few months ago, I posted a brief article to the news section of a web site that catalogues movie theaters. My piece was actually a much abbreviated paraphrase of an article about an old Chico theater (which was being closed just short of its centenary) in a local weekly paper. Tonight, I downloaded from another theater site a file which contains information about that same theater.

When I began reading the file, it sounded vaguely familiar. I thought that it must have been paraphrased from the same article. Then I realized that I was reading my own paraphrase. My stuff is being copied and spread about the Internet! I'm anonymously Internet-famous! I have yet to come across anything that's been nabbed from this journal and posted elsewhere, or to see any of the photos I've posted in various places presented at another web site, but I'm always expecting it. Once you stick something up on the Internet, there's no telling where it will end up.

I'm pleased that the night didn't turn out to be as hot as I had expected. I hope the day will be milder, too.

Look! One of the new icons made from somebody's picture that I nabbed from the Internet!

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