rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bright Gray

An overcast day in July differs from an overcast day in cooler seasons. The gray itself is more luminous, so that even the deepest woods are free of gloom, and colors are less subdued. The marbled sky is shot with pearly light and the warm air grows heavy. Today, the overcast began to differentiate itself into massed clouds as afternoon passed, and the orange sun at last appeared as it neared the horizon, flooding the sky with reds and mauves and pinks. The shaded hours have relieved the heat, just a bit, so I have hope that the night may be the coolest in more than a week. Soon, the big moon will rise to illuminate the lingering clouds, and patches of stars will appear. For a while, I thought there might be a summer thunderstorm, but the chance for that appears to have passed. Still, I wouldn't be surprised to hear the distant rumble of thunder from the mountains, and perhaps catch a brief flash of heat lightning silhouetting Sawmill Peak. It could prove to be an interesting night.

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