rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The big truck that came to pump out the septic tank of the vacant house next door woke me up early today. That the tank is being pumped indicates the likelihood that the house is to be put on the market soon. When you buy a house in this town, (which has no sewer system at all), you also buy the contents of the septic system, so it's a plus to be able to tell potential buyers that it has recently been pumped out. There are several thriving companies that do nothing but septic system work, and their big tank trucks that pump the tanks and carry the sludge off are very, very noisy. Luckily, this tank was not very full, so the pumper only ran for a few minutes, so I got to be awake too early in relative peace. If I'd had to listen to that racket for an hour or more, I'd still be livid about it.

There was a strange haze in the evening sky- not dense enough to be cloud, yet scattered about as clouds are, so parts of the sky remained blue while others turned mauve or pink or orange before darkening to starless patches of night. Unless this haze dissipates soon, it will slow the escape of the day's heat. The combination of heat and insufficient sleep has sent me into zombie mode. I'm probably in for another unintentional nap. It's good that almost a third of the summer has passed. I can hold up for two more months. It's unlikely that I'll get much done, but I can hold up.

Another new icon, featuring a somewhat autumnal look.

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