rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Julyness

I forgot to water either the lawn or the sourgrass plants last night. They both need it badly. It's best to get the irrigation done by night, to minimize evaporation. I suppose I could go out and roll around on the ground for a minute or two, or even just wring out my shirt over the flower bed. In fact, my personal consumption of The World's Most Popular Beverage has gone so high in recent days that I probably constitute a threat to the local watershed all by myself. Perhaps the Paradise Irrigation District would find it beneficial to subsidize my temporary removal to some other place, where I would not be putting a strain on their supply. If they offer to put me up at the Fairmont in San Francisco, I don't see how I could refuse. But there's no way they're getting me to stay at any place like the Fresno Holiday Inn!

Ah, my brain has surely been damaged. I'm having more and more of those moments when I space out and lose track of time. I go to do something and forget what I was going to do. I start a sentence and then

My spider is still missing. I've had a slight irritation in my right ear for two days. I hope these things are not related.

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