rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hotness Prevails

The fan is still on, but the house is still hot. Both days and nights are getting warmer, and the heat accumulates in the attic and radiates into the rooms all night. My cat refuses to remain indoors. She sleeps on a chair on the back porch where the balmy breezes moderate the stifling air. I go out to join her as often as possible, and watch the summer stars. The coming week is apt to be very bad, though, as the temperature rises relentlessly. At least we don't get hurricanes. I hope we don't get a fire.

Some neighbors up the block have for several weeks had visitors who are staying in one of those hulking trailers, which is parked in the driveway. I'm wondering if the thing has some sort of air conditioning in it. If so, it must be costly to run. If not, the big metal box must be like an oven. Either way, it makes me uncomfortable just to look at the thing. I'm glad the camellia bush blocks the view of it from my window. I have no idea why the owners are sticking around this place when they could so easily hook their house to their giant pickup truck and get the hell out of Paradise Hell. They could be at the beach! What is wrong with people?

Each year, I'm more displeased with this season, and more amazed at how I once was so delighted by it. To be sure, my childhood fondness for summer was in part the result of being freed from school for a while, but still.... As kids, do we have some sort of built-in immunity to heat, which we lose and forget about as we age? Or are kids just incapable of realizing that they are uncomfortable? I do recall seeking shade as much as possible, but I never found its absence to be a barrier to my activity. I would spend hours in the sun on even the hottest days. I remember the metal playground slide being so hot that the sides would burn my hands, but I was never deterred from using it. Noel Coward could rightly have added children to his duo of mad dogs and Englishmen (though ruining the metre in the process.) I sometimes wonder how any of us survived childhood.

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