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Mornings Happen [Jul. 9th, 2005|06:14 am]
I never did see Mercury last night. I'm wondering if the planet I did see for the last two nights could have been Jupiter or Saturn. I've lost track of where they are supposed to be right now, but they are the only planets other than Venus that could be as bright as the one I saw. But by midnight, most of the stars had vanished as the sky turned into dark alligator skin, against which the trees were black voids. This morning, the clouds have de-alligatored, and are widely scattered and all swirly again, reminding me of paisley.

Here is something I found very amusing: J.D. Lasica's piece about trying to get permission to use movie clips in his home videos. The moguls wanted the law to require everybody who wanted to use their stuff for any purpose at all, commercial or not, to get their permission first, but they don't seem very happy about having to deal with such requests. Be careful what you bribe congress to give you wish for- especially if you are a brain-dead media tycoon.