rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Clouds today like giant birds trailing immaculate white plumage, clouds like the ghosts of fish swimming a blue lake, clouds like albino lizards scurrying toward gray rocks. It was all very nice to look at, but the moisture that brought the clouds also brought humidity which made the sultry air heavy. The clouds have lingered after dusk, obscuring the parts of the sky where I expected to see Venus and Mercury and the crescent moon. The moon is partly visible, through the trees, but I can't spot Venus at all. In any case, the fact that the moon is still so near the horizon at dusk, and the fact that Venus is supposed to be in its vicinity, suggests that the bright light I saw fairly high in the sky at 11:30 last night was not Venus after all. Venus had to have set by then. Now I have a mystery on my hands. What was that light? I'll keep watching the sky tonight, but I'm not expecting to see whatever it was again.

Somebody in the neighborhood has firecrackers. I just heard a string of them go off. They're a bit late for Independence Day, unless they're getting an early start on next year's holiday. I hope they don't set fire to anything (or blow off any appendages) while I'm in the shower. I want to see it when it happens!

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