rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


For the last couple of days, a squirrel has gone scampering across my roof at just about seven o'clock in the morning. It then leaps from the roof to the mulberry tree, clambers down and races across the lawn, off on whatever business early-rising squirrels attend to. Since I know it's likely that the little bugger will wake me up with its clatter at that time, there's no point in my trying to get to sleep yet. It's still too hot, anyway. For some reason I can't fathom, this room reaches its low temperature about eight o'clock. If I go to sleep too soon, the falling temperature wakes me up and I have to get another blanket. I might as well wait for the squirrel.

I'm apt to be wakened early this afternoon, too. Yesterday, people came and moved a few more things out of the house next door. I'm sure that there is still more stuff in there, and I suspect that they intend to stretch the moving out over many days. Once the place is emptied out, I expect that it will either be rented out, or put up for sale. It's been a luxury having that place vacant for so many years. I don't expect that my adjustment to having neighbors once again will be easy. I've grown accustomed to the quiet.

There is some hope for a bit of cooling in a few days. By Saturday, we might even see a few clouds once again. That will improve my mood, no doubt, and perhaps bring me a bit more energy. Currently, I feel uncommonly drained. I'll bet that squirrel is doing it. It's probably a psychic vampire squirrel.

Oh, and I'm pissed off because my spider has vanished.

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