rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Snail Mail Today

The tiny spider clinging to my wall is getting bigger. Its body is now about a sixteenth of an inch long, and its longest legs a bit longer than that. It is darkening, too, and is a deep brown rather than the pale cram color it was when I first noticed it. Also, I can now see the fine, dense web it has woven, stretched taut against an area about half an inch wide. I can see nothing caught in the web, but there are several minuscule dark specks surrounding it. Mite cadavers? Arachnid droppings? I have no idea. But the spider is clearly well fed, or it would not have grown so large.

Still it spends the nights pressed into the spot at the center of its expanding and now-visible web. Sometimes I will see that the creature has turned just a bit, and then I watch it carefully, as it is then apt tp dart out of its web and travel as much as an inch away, very quickly. It then returns to its former spot and resumes its unmoving vigil. I assume that it is fetching food of some sort, but none that I can see with my naked eye. I wonder what it does during the day, while I sleep?

The house is now becoming moderately cool, only as morning light reveals the landscape. Woodpeckers are setting up a clatter, and the jays are screeching. I suppose they want to get their work out of the way before the heat returns. I still have things to do before I can sleep. I miss the long, dark mornings of winter.

There is hope of aesthetic redemption for those boring titanium-clad buildings which have been popping up in recent years. A few batteries and a bit of diet soda can be used to cover titanium with permanent graffiti. Technology will never escape the judgement of art.

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