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Phew. [Jun. 30th, 2005|04:55 am]
As soon as I turn the fan off, I realize that the room is still hot. For eight hours, it has drawn the mild night air from outdoors, but this has been unable to eradicate yesterday's accumulated heat. This may be the day we must resort to using the air conditioner. The time of year drains me of all energy. Hey, I have something in common with California's power grid!

Though I scanned the sky frequently all night, I saw no more meteors. There wasn't much chance that there would be another, of course, there being no shower scheduled. The only things I saw flying were the moths that gathered around the back porch light.

The cat spent the entire night outdoors, vanishing for hours on end. She must have gotten bored, because she opened all the cupboards on the back porch. What she got into the rest of the time, I have no idea. I half expected her to bring me something dead (or even something still alive) on her return, but she didn't. She probably napped. I might as well have napped, myself, for all I got done. Summer is a drag.