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Hot [Jun. 28th, 2005|08:46 pm]
Summer doldrums have definitely set in. The birds have grown sluggish. The sourgrass is looking wilted. The cat sleeps indoors all day, then goes out and sleeps on the porch when cooler evening arrives. The big excitement of the day was when somebody came and whacked the weeds in the yard of the vacant house next door. It woke me up too early. I forgot to make iced tea again. My brain is on vacation, enjoying itself at the beach while I drag myself around and envy the insects who appear to draw boundless energy from the heat.

The tiny spider on my wall has returned, or one just like it. The tinier spider who took up residence in my desk lamp the other day is not only still there, but a second spider, tinier still, has joined it. It might be a mate. Maybe I will soon have swarms of tiny spiders all over the lamp. That would be interesting.

sovay has posted her own translation of that recently discovered poem by Sappho. It has attracted some interesting comment threads.

If I had started this journal a few months earlier, I would have turned four years old when the weather was still cool. I might then have the energy to make more significant anniversary posts.