rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The half moon sported a splendid, rainbow-edged halo most of the night, thanks to an assortment of diaphanous clouds. It reminded me of a bright pebble dropped into a dark pool. The air was uncommonly cool for the time of year, and I donned apparel not particularly gay to ward off the chill as I watched the celestial display. I was even able to turn off the window fan at a decent hour and enjoy the resulting quiet. The morning is oddly quiet, too. The Extremely Noisy BirdsTM who sing only one note have not made their accustomed early appearance, and I hear only the pleasant songs of more talented birds, all of them at some distance. I'm thinking that the noisy birds got whacked during the night. I'll bet owls did it. Thanks, owls.

Sometime since yesterday evening, the small spider departed from its perch on my wall, and is nowhere to be seen. I miss it, but less than I would were it not for the fact that an even smaller spider is now swinging from a silken thread (invisible to me) which hangs from the lamp adjacent to the computer. This one is difficult to keep track of, as it is literally smaller than the head of a pin, and is somewhat of an acrobat. It takes me a while to get my eyes to focus on it while it darts from place to place, or even while it is still. I have the feeling this one won't stay around for long, though. Should I chance to sneeze in its direction, the gust would send it to an entirely different part of the room, I'm sure.

Due to having been wakened by the earthquake yesterday, I found myself slipping into unintended naps last night, and now I am less tired than I had expected to be. I had hoped that the accidental early waking might lead to my getting to sleep before daylight, but this was not to be. Maybe there will be another earthquake today. If so, I'd like it to arrive about two o'clock. Noon was simply too early.

Oh, there's one of the noisy birds chirping. I guess the owls didn't do a whack job after all.

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