rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Unfondness For Summer

My mind is as blank as the pale morning sky. Listening all night to the drone of the window fan is enervating, but without the fan, the room would be stifling. Outside, it is cool. There, I see that I will soon need to do some watering. The brown patches are spreading over the lawn, and some of the leaves of the sourgrass look a bit wilted and yellow. In the front yard next door, there are patches of small, white flowers blooming all over the green lawn. Unlikely to have been planted, they must be some volunteer weed. We didn't get any of them. I'm a bit disappointed. Is my lawn not good enough for the weeds? Maybe they are water lovers, and took root next door because of the extravagant automated watering system in that yard. Maybe the absence of these weeds in my yard is another indication that I need to do some irrigation. Tonight, then, if I remember. I hope the fan doesn't leave me comatose again.

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