rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Season's End

All the clouds have gone now, even the few which trailed the moon for much of the night. The birds are already up and singing, dim though the morning light still is. It's going to be hot. Summer may arrive in time for summer, after all, as today will be the last day of spring. I'm a bit sad to see it go, this having been one of the most pleasant springs I can recall, but its persistent coolness has made more bearable the thought of the sweltering days that are likely soon to come. They can't be put off forever, but this year they have at least been delayed long past the time they might have been expected to arrive. Of course, there could be surprises yet. After all, days of spring-like mildness arrived as early as February this year, and have predominated since the beginning of March, so perhaps they will continue to drop in on us, clear into July, or even August. Perhaps the year will admit as little of Summer's heat as it did of winter's cold. I wish that every year could be as mild as this one has thus far been.

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