rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The tumbled clouds developed some thin spots this afternoon, allowing the sun to brighten the wet landscape for a while. Birds arrived to forage, the pavement glistened, and there was even a brief sun shower. I can't believe our good fortune. Most years, the only damp June brings is that of sweat rolling down my forehead, and the landscape has begun to take on the disheveled look which results from aridity. This year, everything still looks a fresh as it did in April. Our latest water bill was almost twenty dollars lower than it usually is this time of year, simply because we've had to do so little irrigation. So far, I love 2005.

Evening has arrived, and the clouds are thickening again, though there are still a few patches of blue, surrounded by silver, white and gray billows shot through with the light of the vanished sun. Directly above, an area of white clouds drifting amid a gray fog which admits just a little blue has created that phenomenon (which must have a name, though I don't know it) of blurriness that makes you feel as though you are unable to focus your eyes. I don't look at it for long, because it is quite uncomfortable, however fascinating it might be. The day remained cool throughout, and the air of dusk is brisk, promising another bracing, chilly night. The crickets are still silent. I will listen for the return of rain.

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