rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Why, This Looks Like a Common Weblog Entry!

Via the jdlasicadarknet feed I created a few days ago, I found MakeZine, the web site of a quarterly magazine devoted to DIY projects of all sorts, but heavy on electronics and computer hacks. For example, from the large selection of links in their weblog, there is this set of instructions on how to hack a cheap Microsoft MN-700 router to run Linux. Being non-geek, I don't do that sort of thing, of course, but the Make weblog also has many links to sites featuring projects that are suitable for those as technologically inept as myself.

There is a link to a page by an Ohio college professor which tells you how to make your own root beer, for example (and at the bottom of the root beer page, you'll find a link to the professor's very informative cheese page, should that comestible's decayed delights be more to your taste than the traditional soft drink.)

Another link will take you to The Toyshop, a page filled with links to pages containing instructions on how to make a variety of rather grimly amusing paper toys (you need Microsoft Word and a printer to make use of the instructions), including such things as a mechanical bat, an original board game called Phantom's Vortex, and a dancing skeleton marionette, among more than twenty projects.

There are also a few links to other web sites that you can just look at, for those not interested in DIY projects. My favorite is The Museum of Retro Technology, which has virtual exhibits of such wonders as fluidic gramophones, heliographs, steam-powered bicycles, compressed-air vehicles, and analogue electronic computers.

This site proved to be such a rich source of links, that I've spent the last couple of hours poking about among them and yet remain far from exhausting them. Ah, another virtual pit down which to cast my time!

The night, by the way, passed without thunder, but the scent of jasmine has grown so overpowering that I would not be surprised should the morning light reveal a street littered with deer who have fainted dead away from the sheer sweetness of the exotic blooms. June, June, you shameless month!

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