rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Of Not Rest

Tumult! Wakened by the piercing screeches of a disgruntled infant (whose caterwauling was allowed to take place in unseemly proximity to my door, and for an extended period of time), after a mere three hours of sleep, I am stumbling through the remains of the day in a dazed condition, my thoughts as sluggish as the sultry air, my attention as unfocused as my bleary eyes. The nephew (assisted by a nephew-in-law, he being the one responsible for the presence of the disgruntled infant) has replaced a number of lighting fixtures throughout the house, and almost all of our lamps and fixtures now sport clever, energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. So far, so good- aside from the premature end to my sleep.

As a by-product of having a long-faulty kitchen light fixture replaced, however, the front doorbell and the kitchen clock were rendered non-functional. The doorbell I can do without, but I suspect that I will soon miss the conveniently located kitchen clock. The attic fan was also disconnected. As that device has not worked properly for some time, there is no net loss, but neither is there the gain for which I might have hoped. True, the fan will now be incapable of causing the house to burst into flames, but it has not had restored its ability to remove from the attic the inevitable heat which summer soon will bring. On the whole, the events of the day were not worth my unintended early rising, nor my current state of befuddlement. A summer day spent in this house is but marginally better than burning to death in my sleep.

Well, at least the disruption is over for now, the nephews having departed and things quieted down. The cat has emerged from hiding, and the air may soon be stirred by an afternoon breeze. Maybe I'll get a nap this evening. In the meantime, I'm trying to remember how this computer thingy I'm using works. Oh, wait. I never did know how it worked, did I? That was just a fantasy induced by sleep deprivation.

Also, there is this, unearthed by carbonunit:
Men with extremely clean undergarments tinkered with this web site on 8th June 2005

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