rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time's Up

There was lots of thunder and lightning last night, but very little rain. The look of the sky at evening had made me expect that a thunderstorm might arrive, but I didn't expect it to last so long. There were thunderheads crammed against the mountains, glowing lurid shades of pink as the sun set, and a very dark mass of cloud directly overhead, at the edge of which the thin crescent moon had just emerged, though its light was soon swallowed in the spreading mass. A rumbling came from the north, remaining distant for a long time, and then the storm swept down so quickly that I was taken by surprise when my window lit up and a great crash sounded. Sneaky storm.

It didn't stick around the neighborhood for long, but I saw the fading flashes and heard the diminishing roar as it moved into the valley. For several hours, there were periodic storm warning messages on the television. I didn't want to turn the computer back on, for fear of power outages and their accompanying surges, which in these parts are not uncommon results of electrical storms even several miles distant. By the time the storm had vanished altogether, I'd gotten hung up watching a cheesy 1970s vintage mystery movie, and by the time that ended, most of the night had gone. Ah, the wasted time.

So now I'm hearing the morning birds again, and the cat is mewing at me with displeasure. She spent most of the night in my room, first out of fear of the thunder, and then out of fear of the nephew who is sleeping in the den. She is one unhappy kitty. So, I got to see a very enjoyable storm for a while, but I wasted a lot of time and I have an unhappy cat. That adds up to a slightly negative score for the night. It sure smells nice this morning, though. Mmmm, lingering thunderstorm breath!

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