rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I have something to say to Logitech, makers of the keyboard that came with my new computer:

What brain-dead techie of yours designed a keyboard with two "alt" keys immediately adjacent to a too-narrow space bar? I'm always hitting the damned things with my thumb, with unpleasant results, such as the sudden disappearance of an entire post I'd just spent half an hour putting together. Hitting the misplaced "Alt" instead of the too-narrow space bar, followed by some letter key (and who thought up that brilliant combination, browser designers?) apparently leads to the closing of the browser and subsequent loss of its contents, unless you are one of those obsessive savers who copies everything to the clipboard after writing each line (I'm not.) Thanks, Logitech. (Oh, and my Logitech optical mouse goes through batteries faster than an Alaskan nyctophobic's flashlight in December.)

Sad to say that Sluggo had a better layout on his clunky old keyboard than the new computer does. Maybe I'll switch them.

I'll have to re-write the thing later, if I have the time. I'm running way late, already.

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