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Dull [Jun. 5th, 2005|08:43 pm]
I know why almost everybody in this town goes to church on Sunday. There's not much else to do here. I guess I'm lucky that I slept through most of the day. But I think that the thermometer at the bank over on Clark Road must be broken. When I passed by on the way to the store about five o'clock, their sign said it was 81 degrees, but it didn't feel that warm. It was in fact quite pleasant this evening. It would have been a nice afternoon to go out and do something, if there had been something to do. It was beachy weather, and we have no beach. Eventually we will have a beach, if the coast continues to slide into the ocean, but that will take millions of years and I'll almost certainly be dead by the time the beach reaches this place. Anyway, it's to late to do anything now. It's getting dark, and the crickets have started chirping. I think I'll turn on the lawn sprinkler and pretend that the mist the breeze lifts from the spray is ocean spume.