rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There's been a lot of noise at night from squirrels lately. As the bushy-tailed rodents are not nocturnal, it's a bit surprising that they've been making their chuckling barks in the dark. What could be disturbing them? I heard them a couple of hours ago, and then again just before dawn. Could there be a conspiracy of squirrels? Maybe they've grown tired of our presence in their territory and, thinking that we all sleep at night, are holding meetings to discuss how they might rid themselves of us. I suppose I should alert the authorities, just in case. On the other hand, I'd not be entirely unsympathetic to the squirrels' cause, should that be what they have in mind. On many occasions, I've found the human presence here annoying. Maybe I can make a deal with the rodents. They let me stay, and I help them clean the place up. I'd be pleased not to have power mowers and leaf blowers waking me up anymore.

Speaking of waking up. I can't do that until I go to sleep. I hope I don't have dreams with spiders and ants.

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