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In the entire evening sky, there are but two clouds. One looks like a trumpet, and the other, very near the first, looks like a squid. As I watch them, they alter shape. The trumpet appears to aspire to being a saxophone, its bell bending around, and the squid gradually assumes the form of a shark, then distends into something more like a swordfish. The aquatic cloud must be higher than the musical cloud, as the aquatic cloud glows brighter as it catches the light of the setting sun. Now, the musical cloud grows more vaporous and dissipates. The song is over, I guess. The aquatic cloud is shrinking, too, and darkening from bright pink to mauve as it loses the light. It will soon be lost, even before the sky sea has grown dark enough to reveal the stars.

My cat has decided to spend the evening tormenting the birds again. She chases them every time they land on the ground. The birds show their displeasure with periodic outbursts of indignant chirping. It's quite distracting. I don't think I can coax the cat indoors until the birds return to their nests, though. The evening air is very pleasant, and what bowl of canned or dry food could compete with the prospect of a fresh kill? The kitty is energized, and would flee my grasp if I were to attempt to grab her. I'll have to let the birds fend for themselves, until the cat either catches one of them or grows tired of the game.

Also: The Wikipedia entry about LiveJournal has gotten quite long. It even has a section about Frank the Goat, with four links.

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