rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I just spent half the night catching up with yesterday. I'll probably spend half of this evening catching up with tonight, which will by then be last night. What the hell I'll do about tomorrow (whenever that is), I have no idea.

The crescent moon, lately risen and soon to be paled to a ghost of itself by the brightening sky, is almost vertical. I always enjoy the sight of the nearly vertical crescent moon that sometimes appears at the solstice. It provides a rare glimpse of rectitude. I don't think that the moon will be very crescenty on the coming solstice, though. Let's see... a few more days of waning, then two weeks of waxing... no, it's going to be roundish. It's hard to see how straight it is when it's roundish. Well, it's pretty close to straight right now. I'll have to be satisfied with that.

My room is no longer too warm, but it soon will be once more. Also, I think that LJ is hogging some of my e-mail again. Notifications are arriving long after the comments are posted.

I hope that the woodpecker who is hammering on the mailbox up the street gets laid soon. It sounds like a miniature jackhammer. I've been told that the bird does this to attract the attention of females. It's sort of like a high school kid's car stereo system, I guess. Somebody cite that bird! I need to sleep!

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