rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fragrant Night

The chattering birds fall silent, the crickets chirp softly, and night brings its cooling breezes. Much later, when the waning moon rises, the eastern haze turns it the color of a ripe peach. A few thin clouds have at last gathered there, and they catch swirls of moonlight which silhouette the pines. Earth no longer sweats heat, but exudes a gentle warmth, and the sky is set with sparkling stars.

About midnight, as I am watching the moon clear the dark hedge of the woods, the blue-white light of a meteor trail streaks west. At just that moment, a breeze brings the hint of an expected, yet surprising, fragrance. Coaxed by the days of heat, and one of their few great compensations, the first jasmine blossoms have opened. Through the remaining hours of night, as clouds mottle the sky and banish the stars and diffuse the moonlight into a gauzy glow, the scent will grow, permeating the mild air, evoking the exotic, perfect gardens that flourish only in imagination. Though the sultry days to come may drag and oppress, the nights, for a while, will now bring visions. Welcome back, jasmine.

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