rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Early this morning, the crane fly who had been pestering me for hours landed on the window screen. I opened the screen and, after some coaxing and careful prodding, I managed to get the bug to fly out into the pleasant air of dawn. I was pleased with myself for having rescued the benighted insect from a dull life trapped indoors. This evening, I saw a small bird pluck a crane fly from midair, and carry it off to its nest as as a snack for its chicks. I had to wonder if it was the same crane fly. I have to wonder if there is such a thing as a good deed where nature is concerned. The chicks are probably pleased though, as my cat will be if she ever catches one of those chicks. Why do I suddenly feel like Oedipus?

The gradually intensifying heat is once again evoking my desire to see the ocean. Watching the lawn turn deep green as the sun settles behind the pines is enjoyable, of course, but I miss that stranger shade of green that flickers on the swells just before they break. There is more relief from heat in that color than in all the shade of the forest.

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