rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rainy Day

The rain has returned for yet another day. I am not displeased that this has become one of the wettest Mays I can recall. Spring rain is my favorite rain, and the long hours of daylight give me ample opportunity to enjoy it. Today, it has arrived mostly as steady drizzle, though there have been a few periods when it has softened to sprinkles that are little more than heavy mist. That's when I like it best, as I can go out and walk the gray, reflective pavement and inspect the bejeweled spider webs concealed in wet bushes, without becoming utterly soaked. The one thing lacking today was a nice sun shower, the clouds never having thinned. Still, the scene was similar to that of a few weeks ago, when took this snapshot from my front porch, just as the sun was emerging during a splendid downpour which turned out to be the last gasp of an April storm.

(Click through for large size.)

April Shower
April Shower

Emerging afternoon sun backlights the rain.


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