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Delayed [May. 12th, 2005|04:45 pm]
My dentist had an emergency patient, so they asked to delay my appointment until June 12th. OK, I can put that off. But now I have an unexpected hour to fool around with, and nothing planned. What to do, what to do? Ah, of course! LiveJournal! :/

But first I stopped off at Ourmedia, to see if anything interesting had been posted. Indeed, there was the announcement of another new service, called The Videoblog Directory which, in turn, provided a link to Freevlog.org, which in turn appears to be associated with Wordpress, and with Google's Blogger service, and Ourmedia itself, which is operating in partnership with The Internet Archive. Dude! It's all metastasizing!

I don't have time to download videos, being on dialup, so I have no idea what most of this stuff is about, but it's interesting to see what's happening with all these sites, now that a substantial percentage of Internet users do have high speed connections. I'm tempted to nab the 12.6 MB quicktime video by Josh Leo currently featured on the front page at Ourmedia, though. I ought to watch at least one.

At least I don't need a high speed connection to enjoy Limerick Day. Hooray for text files!

There were no fewer than five bumblebees buzzing around the black-eyed susans when I stepped out my front door this afternoon. The day is definitely warm and springy. I'm going back out to wallow in it.