rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Clearing and Warmer

Last evening, the crescent moon's tilted grin brought a cheery aspect to the clear, dark sky. The clarity has remained, and the starlit night has been mild. For a while, there were even crickets singing once again. The few days of belated winter have been bracing, but I'm ready for May to return to its accustomed balminess. The plants have gathered enough rain, and need sunshine to turn the moisture to verdant spring lushness. I anticipate salubrious days. The recent tasks I've undertaken near completion, and the due respite promises time for more pleasant distractions than those I've lately endured. More than half the season has passed, and I grow impatient for its long-delayed rituals. Perhaps by the weekend it will be warm enough to justify making some iced tea. I'm eager to sit in the afternoon shade with a cold drink, and watch the leaves flutter as the late breeze arrives.

Of course, I still want that big thunderstorm, too. Maybe next week.

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