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Post delayed three hours because somebody put molasses in LJ's servers:

Today was Haiku Day (5/7/5), which only comes once in a century- unless of course you count those places where they write the date before the month. There, 7 July, 2005 will be 5/7/5. I guess that means that Haiku Day comes twice in a century, but not twice in the same place. And then there are all those places that have their own calendars, and thus would produce yet more Haiku Days. I have no idea if they do date first or month first in Japan, which I believe has its own calendar anyway, and only uses the western calendar when dealing with barbarians. And I have no intention of commemorating the day by writing an entire entry in haiku. I lack the patience for that. In fact, I lack the patience to write even one haiku for this entry. Maybe I'll feel more like doing it when the next Jewish Haiku Day comes around.

It is growing warmer again. I heard a bee buzzing at dusk, but couldn't see it. In fact, I could only just hear it, as the robins were making so much noise. In a few minutes, they will fall silent (having exhausted themselves with fifteen hours of non-stop chirping, no doubt), and the blessed serenity of night will descend. I think there might be crickets, now that the rain has stopped and the temperature is a bit higher. Cricket songs are as relaxing as robin songs are distressing. I'm glad its night again.

And I just remembered that I have Winamp on this computer, and it plays .ogg files, so I can now listen to phone posts. Everybody make phone posts!

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