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The robins must be even more sensitive to light than I am. The very slightest hint of impending dawn sets them chirping. I feel like making little hoodies for them, so they can cover their eyes and sleep late. I don't recall them being so loud so early (and in such large numbers) in other years, though. This year, on some mornings there are so many of them chirping at once that it almost sounds like a coach's whistle constantly blowing. It'set another reason for me to regret having had my sleep schedule disrupted. If I were already asleep by this time, the noise probably wouldn't wake me after the first couple of days. I used to sleep through all sorts of regularly-scheduled noises when I lived in Los Angeles. The only sounds that would wake me were those which were new or unexpected. But any noise at all can prevent me from getting to sleep, just as light can. I may have to get some earplugs to go along with my light-blocking knitted cap.

I've been getting together some photos to upload. They are scattered among Sluggo, this computer, and various CDs, so its a tedious process. Some of them are pictures to replace those missing from old posts, and some are for new posts, here and in other places. I have to figure out how to organize the galleries so I can keep track of what is where. Tests of various sorts that I've taken have said that I have a talent for organization, but in fact I hate organizing things and will always put off doing it as long as possible. I have the same relationship to math. I always scored in one of the top few percentiles on math aptitude tests, but there are few things I dislike more, or find more frustrating, than math. Maybe the tests are crap. Maybe I'm just not myself.

This is going to be one of those weekends when I don't have any backup available around here, so I'll probably be kept busy, in the not-good way. At least I no longer have to deal with the complications that Sluggo always added to my life. Sometimes, I look at him being dark and silent over there in his corner, and I chuckle. Ah, web surfing without crashes is the best revenge!

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