rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tasks Accomplished and Rewarded

I've dealt with the bank for the month, gotten my ears lowered, acquired a supply of cat food, and discovered and purchased (for a mere $9.98) a triple CD of delightfully cheesy instrumental music from the 1940s-1950s. It includes Ethel Smith's improbably ornate organ arrangement of Tico Tico, along with 71 other masterpieces of the age of Muzak. Now I can have it playing in the background and be transported in imagination to the primitive supermarkets and drug stores of the era when such sounds issued interminably from the small, tinny speakers that occupied the ceilings of every such establishment. Ah, Eisenhower music! Everybody duck and cover!

I am also delighted to announce that someone has found, photographed, and posted at found_objects proof that I was not merely engaged in a homo-erotically pornographic hallucination when I saw, several years ago, a fungus shaped like a human penis. The one that I found growing in my front yard was gray, smooth-skinned and about eight inches long, so it was a bit different from the one flutttergirl discovered, but this photograph is nevertheless solid (or turgid, if you will) evidence that penis-shaped fungi do exist. Because I did not have a functioning camera at the time, I was unable to provide the proof that I had seen this example of nature's playful manifestation of healthy ribaldry. Those who doubted me can now... sit on it!

A hint of mugginess entered the air today, and the gray clouds which crowded the evening sky are expected to bring thunderstorms, perhaps for the next two days. I anticipate them with relish.

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