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Wet [Apr. 30th, 2005|11:19 pm]
Another day of delightful gray, though I overslept again. I didn't get to sleep until after the early-rising robins quieted down, and shortly thereafter I was wakened by noise at the long-vacant house next door. It sounded as though they were moving a large appliance in (or out), with much groaning and grinding and clattering of metal. Once that was over, I got back to sleep and the next thing I knew it was after four o'clock and I was stumbling out of bed bleary and annoyed. The moody sky cheered me up, though. Mere annoyances can't compete with the pleasures of a lovely spring overcast.

Now it has begun to sprinkle, and the darkness is filled with the soft pattering of rain. I'm delighted that the season has turned out to be so damp and cool. I'ts like a summer in Portland!

I just noticed something odd about the LJ web update page I'm using. It has no option for choosing an icon. Everything else is there, but the "choose icon" box is missing. I'll try the preview page. ::preview:: Nope, no option. Strange. Wait. The spell check page is supposed to have an icon choice box. ::spell check:: Ah, there it is! I wonder what went wrong with the regular update page?