rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Uncomfortably Numb

Because it was a bottom tooth that needed re-filling, I got the shot that numbs everything, including the tongue. It's wearing off now, and I'm getting that icy tingling, and the hole the ice pick Novocaine needle left is feeling sore. But, as a reward for my bravery, I have a whole bunch of fresh mercury in my mouth! It will gradually seep into my brain and bring me the joy of madness in my old age. I also have one more appointment in a couple of weeks, to have something undoubtedly appalling done to my gums. Right now I'm hungry because I didn't have the patience to eat very much dinner, being forced as I was to chew slowly in order to avoid biting my numb tongue. Also, I'm out of beer.

The rain held off until late afternoon, and dusk brought a bit of clearing to the western sky, and a few clouds bordered a blue patch which allowed them to catch the afterglow of sunset. All the pools along the road verge are glimmering. I'm going to go watch television while I wait for the Novocaine headache to wear off, then eat something soft.

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