rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


If the weather were like this all year, I'd be very comfortable, but I'd probably soon be bored, as well. Perfection is fine, in moderation, but I require some variety and occasional outright displeasure if I am not to slip into perpetual lassitude. Even this single day of vernal delights led me to waste time in pointless woolgathering.

I wonder if beetles of the sort I saw munching dust from the door jamb the other day would remove the dust from my room for me, if they took up abode here in sufficient numbers? I wonder if there is anything I could do to induce them to become my permanent guests? I'm finding it tedious to keep removing the accumulated micro-detritus from my keyboard, in particular. The new keyboard is black, and shows the dust more clearly than did Sluggo's pale keyboard. On the other hand, the black mouse will be unlikely to show the finger grime which disfigures Sluggo's pale mouse.

Also, I've decided that LJ looks better in Firefox than it does in Opera, though I find Opera more convenient because of its handy built-in e-mail client. Firefix also handles image files from LJ Scrapbook properly, and Opera does not. But Opera works with the Aspell spelling checker, and Firefox does not. For now, I'm keeping an instance of each open all the time. Two browsers open at once! Take that, Sluggo!

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