rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I still haven't hooked up the speakers that came with the new computer. There's a microphone too, and an application called TalkItTypeIt that would let me dictate to the machine. I haven't hooked up the microphone, either, so I don't know how badly the program would mangle my words. And when I first booted the machine up, I was asked if I wanted to register my copy of Windows then, but I declined as I was not hooked up to the Internet yet. The offer has never been repeated, and now I can't figure out how to register it. The Micro$oft web site is (of course) no help at all. I don't suppose it absolutely has to be registered- most copies probably aren't- but I've been feeling a bit OCD-ish about it and would like to get it done. I have no idea why I'm not feeling OCD-ish about the speakers and microphone.

The evening clouds departed early, letting the nearly-full moon appear and outshine the stars, and fill the woods with shadows. It seemed hardly any time at all before it set, and now birds are chirping in the morning twilight. I have a remarkable sense of unaccomplishment. I do believe that my spring fever is flaring up again, and my brain will remain mushy for the next couple of days. My advice would be to ignore me. I will ignore me, too.

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