rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Local News

Thuggish neighbor has one of those remote-control toy cars which he runs up and down the street now and then (yeah, he's in his thirties.) This afternoon he had it out, and there was a squirrel passing by, so he used the car to chase it. The squirrel took refuge in a tree, and thugboy stopped the car nearby until the rodent came down, then sent the car after it again. The performance was repeated several times, until the squirrel made a dash for it across the street and finally escaped beyond a fence. A few neighborhood kids had gathered and were watching this event with great amusement. There's not much for kids to do in this town, I guess. I, of course, was rooting for the squirrel. I hope it comes back with a bunch of its friends in the middle of the night, breaks into thugboy's house, and steals his nuts and buries them.

The day was nice, though, being fairly cool despite the bright sunshine. I got next to nothing done. The tree pollen count is up, and I'm sneezing again, and still lethargic. Why do the twits have all the energy, while all I want to do is nap?

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