rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cold Night

I heard deer skulking about a while ago. The moon had already set, so they were well concealed as they made their way up the lampless street. I risked a brief look with the flashlight, and a good-sized stag played statue as the light fell on him, then departed cautiously after I turned it off. I heard other deer following, but didn't want to startle them with the light, so I just listened as their faint footfalls clicked on the pavement. I think they ate my neighbor's roses.

The owl is hooting again tonight, and cats are abroad. No small rodent is safe in these parts. No rodent is warm, either, I'm sure. I'm surprised that any blossoms have survived the last two nights. It has been as cold as midwinter. My toes begin to numb within minutes whenever I go outdoors to look at the stars. Yes, there are stars tonight. The clouds are entirely gone, and dawn will undoubtedly be bright, and my drapes will not keep out its glare. I will attempt to get to sleep before it comes.

I fired up Sluggo to check on some of the image files I've downloaded to the new computer in the last couple of days. Sluggo, too, sees them as being HTML files rather than as the .jpg files they actually are, so it was clearly not just the new machine screwing things up. I'm not sure exactly what is happening. I think that parts of the Internet may be going
goofy goofier.

Say goodnight, not-Sluggo.

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