rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The clouds came and went all night, bringing no more than a few sprinkles of rain. I now don't believe that rain will fall after all. It has grown so cold that, should anything precipitate, it will most likely be snow again. Should there be snow here in the middle of April, it will become less paranoid than ever for one to assume that the government has been performing experiments on the weather. Well, either the government, or the National Hockey League. Of course, it might be Sluggo, trying to lure me back. To late, Sluggo! The heater vent is open, making my toes toasty warm. I'll never go back!

I would have thought that a sudden drop in outdoor temperature would have ended my spring lethargy, but this has not proven to be so. I'm still subject to periods of woolly-patedness, and my train of thought has been repeatedly derailed throughout the night. Perhaps I've set the thermostat a bit too high. Whatever the cause, I find the thought of sleep more attractive than any other which comes to me. I shall be seduced by it, and let... whatever his name turns out to be... join Sluggo in a nap.

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