rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Poke, Poke, Prod, Prod

The afternoon was taken up by the guy coming to service the heating/air conditioning unit, and then me going to the dentist for cleaning and annual checkup. Following the usual poking about with pointy objects, the dentist announced that there is another leaky inlay to be replaced on one side, and some stuff on the other side, so that means two more appointments. Feh. At least the wisdom tooth is not yet attacking me. I hope that its threats continue to remain idle.

There was a haze all afternoon, turning to evening clouds which caught faint streaks of moonlight, and now a thin fog is gathering. It looks as though it will rain before long. We may have a soggy spring after all. I am revelling in the coolness. It didn't quite reach 70o today. That's perfect, for me. The cat seems to like it, too. She spent the whole afternoon napping in the flower bed by the front door, yawning and stretching now and then, not even bothering to chase the birds who thronged the lawn.

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