rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Growing Quiet

Dripping and trickling filled the night as the snow melted. It has stopped now, though some snow remains on the roof. It has probably re-frozen as the night has grown colder. The sun was out for a while yesterday afternoon, but the clouds returned at nightfall. Only in the last hour has it cleared enough to reveal a few stars. It is very strange to have such wintry weather this far into spring, and even stranger that today and tomorrow are expected to be sunny and quite warm. I'm going to get temperature whiplash.

I re-installed my internet connection and, to my great surprise, Thunderbird began fetching mail for two of my three identities. At least I think it has. No mail has arrived for my main identity. I might take a minute to send myself something from my Lycos or Excite account, just to test it. I have no idea how it finally began using the proper passwords for the first two identities, so I'm reluctant to try adding the third identity again, lest I screw the whole thing up once more. The instructions are nearly opaque. I might just let Opera handle that identity, and then forward from it to my main identity anything I want to keep. My e-mail system will be as convoluted as my sentence structure. This is retribution of some sort against me, I'm sure.

Also, I must get a dust cover of some kind for this keyboard. I have no idea why keyboards aren't shipped with them. They are serious dust magnets.

Say goodnight, new computer. You'll get a name eventually.

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