rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still At It

I've stuck a couple of extensions into Firefox and will get more later. Adblock cleans up many pages very effectively. I've also got Flashblock, but haven't found anywhere to use it yet. There are a few features of Opera that I miss, though, especially the built-in e-mail client. I thought I'd be able to use Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client, but it isn't working out the way I'd hoped. I might have to stick with Outlook Express, as it's the only e-mail program I can find that allows me to use the multiple identities I have with my e-mail service. It doesn't seem that it would be difficult for Thunderbird to make that feature available, but it isn't there, unless it's so well hidden that I've been unable to find it.

Tired from too many hours dealing with computers. There were stars again tonight, and I spent too little time looking at them.

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