rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

On Not Being Enough of a Geek

I'm using the new device, because Sluggo has already crashed for the evening. I'm also using Netscape (which makes LJ's BML pages look almost as bad as they do in Internet Exploder), as the new device won't let me install Opera- or any other program, apparently. It didn't even offer me the option of installing it from the file I downloaded last night, so I made a CD copy of the file and tried to install from that, but Windows couldn't find the install program on the CD. Weird. I never had that problem with Windows 98. Windows XP seems an even crankier system, so far. I thought that later versions of programs were supposed to be easier to use. I guess that isn't the case with Micro$oft's products.

This Logitech keyboard is a bit weird, to. It has this tiny little space bar, with alt keys right next to it at either side, and I keep hitting the one on the right when I go to hit the space bar, which slows everything down. Adjusting to new devices is not fun. I'll try to figure out what is preventing the machine from installing Opera, but I'm not particularly optimistic about the prospects. I haven't set up e-mail on this machine yet, either, so I still have to fire up Sluggo to fetch it. I'll leave the windows open and maybe he'll cool off enough by midnight. I also haven't uploaded an LJ client yet. There's no point, until I can figure out how to get this thing to accept programs that didn't come pre-loaded on it. Feh. Computers.

The day turned somewhat more springy than I expected, the morning overcast having thinned to a few scattered clouds by afternoon. I would have liked to spent more of that afternoon outdoors, but I was dealing with this machine. Now it's almost dark. Oops. I forgot that it's trash night. I have to go take it out now. The computers can stay, though- for the time being.

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