rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


That time has arrived when splashes of color have begun to decorate the bare, gray twigs of the dogwoods. Still pale, the salmon-pink flowers will soon darken toward red, and be joined by even redder berries on which the birds will feast. The cold and rainy hiatus which interrupted the early spring has ended, and the season is back on schedule, though this mild day was overcast, the sun a blurry bright disk and its diffused light glowing gold in the silvery air. Green-leafed spikes now rise to crown the flourishing blossoms of the apple trees. All the fields are dense with fresh, sweet-scented green grasses. As evening falls, a breeze makes the soft new oak leaves rustle, and the pines respond with sighs. The overcast begins to differentiate into clusters of clouds and patches of clear, deep-blue sky where stars are revealed. It's time for the frogs to sing.

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