rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Who Designs This Crap?

So there's this piece of plastic on the stem of the monitor. It has to be removed in order for the various cables to be connected, than it is to be snapped back on. The (minimalist) instructions in the book say "From the rear view of the LCD monitor, disengage and remove the plastic back cover from the stem." Not the worst translation from the Chinese I've ever seen, but the translation is not the problem. I can't disengage and remove the thing. I've tired pulling upwards from the monitor, pulling toward the top of the monitor, squeezing the sides and pulling, and everything else, and it won't budge. I've looked for some sort of mechanism, such as a release, but found none. It's like the thing is super-glued on. Neither cleverness nor brute force will dislodge it. It's like having a puzzle box included free with your monitor purchase.

I don't know if this is bad design, bad workmanship, or inadequate instructions, or some combination thereof. But the thing has me stuck. I'm displeased. I'm going to have to call the vendor to ask what the secret is, and try not to go off on some minimum wage flunky who works in their boiler room. Meanwhile, my room is in disarray, boxes everywhere, and nothing is accomplished. I have to clean everything up and find places to put it before I can get to sleep. My distaste for technology grows by the minute. My distaste for commerce has already surpassed it, though. I'm glad I almost never buy anything.

And I thought it would be stringing cables all over the place and getting them stuck into the right holes that would be the biggest problem! A piece of immovable plastic, for crap's sake! What were they thinking, if anything at all?

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