rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Who, Who!

I'm listening to a pair of owls. One hoots higher than the other, and they make eerie harmonies. They must be a mating pair. They'd better hurry up with their ritual. It's almost morning. I don't think I'll let the cat out yet. She's small, and the male owl might decide to make a gift of fresh kitty to the female.

The rain has stopped, but the sky remains overcast. I didn't see the moon once all night. Also, though it makes Sluggo happy, I'm getting very tired of the cold. It's hard to type with numb fingers, and when I leave the room and go into the warmer part of the house, my toes tingle as they thaw. It's unpleasant. I certainly hope I can arrange to get to the store this afternoon, so I can buy the stuff I need and finally get the new computer set up. It will be so nice to shed this blanket I've got draped over me. I'm turning up the heat right now. Say goodnight, Sluggo.

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