rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hurry Up and Wait

There has been a delay, and the new computer is now set to arrive no later than March 29th. The Slug must hang on for a few more days. Buying things somewhere other than an actual retail store is like dealing with a contractor. Nothing ever turns out the way you expect.

Sky has arrived, though. There are only little bits of it scattered here and there among the clouds, but there's enough to allow the occasional ray of sunshine to pass and turn all the fresh leaves bright. Small piles of soggy mulberry blossoms cover the lawn, and small brown birds hop about among them. The crows are very active again, flying about as though they owned the sky, scolding all the other birds. The squirrels are out, too, scampering up and down trees and racing across rooftops.

I don't expect that it will get warm in what's left of the day. I hope it doesn't get warm in what's left of the week. In fact, I want the remainder of March to stay cool. I'm not ready for more heat.
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