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Some parts of the Sierra Nevada have had more than 400 inches of snow this year, and the current storm is bringing more, down to elevations as low as 3500 feet. I'm quite surprised that we haven't had a proper snowfall here this year, given the amounts farther up the mountains. Tonight, the mere rain continues. I have not grown tired of hearing it. Dusk brought a sky tinged with shades purple, a rare phenomenon here, and I watched it fade into darkness while the soft rain splashed small bright specks over the sourgrass. The cold air was scented with wood smoke from fireplaces, and free of any hint of spring. As March began, it felt like April. Now it feels like January.

Another strange thing is that my bank statement does not show any large expenditures this month. I withdrew a large sum fifteen days ago to pay for the new computer. A few days later, on the 7th, I made a deposit, and the receipt showed the account down by the amount I had spent. Now my bank statement, dated the 15th, shows that money back in the account. Could the computer vendor have canceled the order and refunded the money? It seems unlikely, as I received part of it (and a costly part, at that.) yesterday. The bank might have made a mistake, but that seems unlikely as well. I'm going to call the vendor tomorrow to ask about the status of the order. When I opened the bank statement this evening it was already too late to call them. Only the automated portion of their customer service line is available at night. This is all very strange. Is Sluggo up to something? We shall see.

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